Member Spotlight: Florin Pensions

This month, we’re interviewing Emma Cockerton, founder of Florin Pensions. Interested in meeting Emma or any of our other members? Email us at

Founder Emma Cockerton of Florin Pensions

Founder Emma Cockerton of Florin Pensions

1) Describe your company and its relationship to the UK.

Florin Pensions LLC is a US based investment advisory firm established by my husband and me, Charles Cockerton, in 2012 to address the unique needs of individuals living in the United States with British retirement assets. With only British expatriate advisers working at Florin, we are well placed to help our clients make sense of their UK pensions and provide US based advice on how to manage them before and during retirement.

Florin is based in San Francisco with wealth advisors located in New York and Florida. Together we work for clients throughout the United States leveraging strong relationships with leading UK pension providers and investment managers to help our clients meet their retirement goals.

2) What's been your biggest success at work, either personally or as a company/organization?

As a niche company focussing on peoples retirement assets, I feel it is particularly important to provide continuity of service to our clients both before and during retirement. For this reason, I feel our greatest success has been having a team of advisers working together since Florin’s inception over 7 years ago now. On a personal level, I am also very proud of the fact that my husband and I have established a successful business that serves the needs of our clients whilst at the same time enabling us to build a new life for our family in the US.

3) What does the BABC provide to you that you can't find anywhere else?

We are members of several BABC chapters across the US as the BABC provides a unique way for Florin to engage with companies and people with connections in both the UK and the US. The BABC was an immense support to us when we first established Florin by providing legal and accounting referrals who we continue to work with today. Aside from business networking opportunities, the BABC has enabled us to make life-long friends on a personal level.

4) What's the largest thing you want to accomplish in 2019, and how can the BABC or its member companies help?

In 2019 a key focus for Florin Pensions is to develop our coverage in other major centres on the West Coast and Texas. By connecting with the BABC in these centres, and getting our services known to more BABC members, we hope that this will assist in meeting one of our key goals.

5) Personally, what's your favorite UK export?

My thoughts immediately turned to food when I read this question which makes it quite hard to answer as I love so many British foods! However, as my job requires me to start work very early each morning to catch the UK before their close of business, my favourite export has to be the humble Yorkshire Tea bag. I cannot start my day without a strong cup of tea (preferably with a crumpet and lots of Marmite and butter).

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