Member Spotlight: Blue Bull Energy

In October, we interviewed BABC member Alma Del Toro, President and Founder of Blue Bull Energy.

President of Blue Bull Energy, Alma Del Toro.

President of Blue Bull Energy, Alma Del Toro.

1) Describe your company and its relationship to the UK.

Blue Bull Energy is a consulting and purposeful firm dedicated and committed to making a difference. We are focused in the energy sector and based duly in Mexico and the USA. We provide New Country Access soft landing support for European Services Companies into Mexico; we transform local suppliers into suppliers that meet international requirements; and we manage corporate social responsibility programs for International Oil Companies (IOC) and local governments. 

2) What's been your biggest success at work, either personally or as a company/organization?

Our largest success has been transforming one of the top 3 offshore service companies in Mexico into an international service provider, who is now qualified to work with major IOC's.

3) What does the BABC provide to you that you can't find anywhere else?

New contacts and relationships where we can support company access into Mexico.

4) What's the largest thing you want to accomplish in 2020, and how can the BABC or its member companies help?

We want to be known as the catalyst that helps increase standards and quality-of-life by impacting local economies, transforming challenges into opportunities, and collaborating via alliances to create sustainable sources of income for BBE and our stakeholders. BABC can support by providing us exposure to all members interested in Mexico and interested in developing local content in developing countries. 

5) Personally, what's your favorite UK export? Jasmine tea is a family favorite!

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